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Coding is not just work for us. It's an art !

The Easy way to get e-consultation worldwide. This project help people to structure medical data and share it with the doctor. The Doctor can access patient case with unique link and record video answer. Doctor can see patient record online. CT, MRI scans are available directly in the browser, no additional soft needed.

Unique learning paths created for your specific needs. Ability to learn any topic by lessons or asking the questions. Earn money by creating new lessons for user requests. Join any community based on your interests

You’re spending more time keeping track of everything from one admin panel and browser tab to the next, than actually writing, managing, and scheduling your important posts.

And, if you’re managing a team of people, handling the various permissions and schedules and collaborations across multiple sites makes everything even more frustrating.

All the research is done, Executive summeries, presentations, business cards, product flyers etc. High end design trends and marketing wizards to make your products stand out, save your time and headache and present yourself with exellence.